The comments now work

I’ve figured out, with some help–thanks, Alice and Joannah–how to do the comments. If you click on the article, you can reply. There’s no need to put in your email.

Another thing: I know some of you have had trouble getting in. I’ve sent invites to everyone who wanted to contribute. I’m going to activate the subscribe function so you should be able to subscribe.

Update: Subscribe button is not working, so if you want to subscribe or contribute, send me an email.


2 thoughts on “The comments now work

  1. alice_stock

    Hi, Suroor,
    Thanks for creating the blog! I think perhaps the reason why you were not able to use the comments box is that you were reading the post directly on the homepage. The comments box appears when you click the post to read it in its ‘own page’, so to speak.

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