The Twelfth Imam: Joel C. Rosenberg

Review by Lulu Hashim

Hi everyone, just got my hands on this new book from Secunderabad club library. So far it has been interesting. Though its my first book book of fiction with some political twist 🙂

It revolves around a young boy from persian descent—David Shirazi, who is in CIA, assigned to stop Iran from developing nuclear power. Interesting plots and talks on subjects like politics, God and David’s life. Don’t recommend this to anyone to read as its a little controversial and also find its pretty disjointed.

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One thought on “The Twelfth Imam: Joel C. Rosenberg

  1. suroora

    Lulu, a good political thriller is Ultimatum by Matthew Glass. I’ll review it here later this week. It’s about brinkmanship between the US and China in the near future over climate change.

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