Reading the greats (from Kamakshi)

Margaret Laurence

At this time, I am in the process of gathering my thoughts to write about teaching Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel.  I have an ongoing blog, one section of which is dedicated to books and authors I taught in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program (

I am going to try and keep my posts brief here, say under 200 words. Having encouraged students to  imitate the style of writing blurbs for much-read classics and contemporary sold-over-a-million-copies-worldwide paperbacks, it is now time for me to attempt brevity and punch in my own writing.

Anyone care to hear my thoughts on Sinclair Lewis’s Arrowsmith? I read it for the first time just a couple of weeks back and found it riveting.

Portrait of Sinclair Lewis

Or Theodore Dreiser’s “The Financier”?  Do svidaniya, all out there, and thank you , Suroor, for this opportunity.

3 thoughts on “Reading the greats (from Kamakshi)

  1. Suroor

    I’m sorry, I just can’t get the comment function to work. I am trying to figure it out.

    All this to say–Kamakshi, would love to hear your thoughts on both books. I haven’t read either of them.

    Could you sign your posts?


  2. Linda Niles

    also having trouble getting the site to take my comment – YES and YES – very eager to read your reactions.

    thanks, linda.

    1. K-mak

      thanks for the encouragement, linda. you have read The Financier, right? would be nice to have your thoughts as well.

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