This site came out of the idea that bookworms tend to talk about the books they’re reading. I’ve enjoyed several such conversations over the years and felt that I would like to create a space for readers, no matter where they are.

So do join this community. It’s for you, whether you just want to read the reviews or write some—tell us about the books you love, hate, are overwhelmed or underwhelmed by. You can also share articles on reading and writing—anything book-related, in fact!

You can subscribe to the site through WordPress Reader or by typing in your email in the box on the top left. If you do want to contribute, please write to me at suroora[at]hotmail dot com.

On this blog, I try to include a wide range of books, both in terms of genre and countries. So the next time you are looking for something to read, why not pick one from a country you don’t know much about? (For suggestions, check out the categories Books in translation and The Reading Challenge.)

I also write reviews of travel books by or about women for Women on the Road, a website for women travellers.

Follow me on Twitter: @surooralikhan and on Instagram: booktalksuroor.

Suroor Alikhan

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