Novels in Translation: The Guardian

Books in translation smallNick Barley, director of the Edinburgh international book festival, complained that British “parochial” reading habits were “something of an embarrassment”. In response, Alison Flood, former news editor at The Bookseller, came up with a list of her 10 favourite novels in translation. However, it does look like Barley was wrong—according to The Guardian, translated fiction is selling better than English fiction in the UK.

Alison Flood writes, “In compiling my list, I decided to steer clear of the classics. Nobody needs me to tell them that Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary and Don Quixote are quite good. So I’ve included personal favourites, recent prizewinners, top sellers, suggestions from Twitter, and the wise recommendations of friends and colleagues: it’s an eclectic list. But of course I’ve got this wrong – no Murakami! No Cercas! No Knausgaard! No Bolaño! Anyway, this is my top 10, in no particular order, as of 11 June 2015 (they could be different tomorrow).

“Tell me yours. Let’s talk about translated literature – or else Nick Barley might tell us off again next year.”

I’m sure there are many among us who read fiction in translation. Let’s join in the conversation!

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