We Have Never Been Well-Read: Franco Moretti’s Pact with the Devil

This is a useful excerpt from the article you can access via the link below.

New ground is better than common ground: not “I haven’t read that yet—let’s discuss something else” but rather “I may never read that, so tell me about it, it sounds interesting.”


Having now read Andrew Seal’s (high-brow and apt to make people like me cross-eyed) essay about Franco Moretti, I think you are a genius for setting up with this blog.


2 thoughts on “We Have Never Been Well-Read: Franco Moretti’s Pact with the Devil

  1. JoCa

    This is brilliant! He’s half following Foucault and half taking the mick out of him with his quantitative stuff.
    Enjoyed this, I’m using it as bait to try and get two of my literary Fb friends to contribute to the blog – they both teach anglophone literature (ha, took me 4 goes to find the right term for people teaching literature written in English, one living in Switzerland and often focusing on American literature, and the other in Austria with a distinct preference for Irish literature)
    Thanks K-mak!

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