One Shot: Lee Child

One Shot book cover

Review by Kamakshi Balasubramanian

Does it matter what the title of a Lee Child’s novel happens to be?

One Shot is a pretty good read, even if you think you are about to get tired of Child and his brand of writing. The entire thing from start to finish is implausible. But what fun.

Some twists, some turns, a little suspense, great observations (delivered dead-pan) on certain aspects of human nature, pretty good writing.

Novels of this ilk are like toys that one enjoys , you know, the tension-buster toys that keep you hooked for hours, and well away from chores that need to be performed. I guess that’s what entertainment is all about.

I recommend it highly if you have to stay in bed on a workday because of a mild indisposition.

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One thought on “One Shot: Lee Child

  1. suroora

    I saw the film, Jack Reacher, but didn’t know who wrote the book. The film was pretty much the way you describe the book!

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